AnchorLift anchor retriever

AnchorLift anchor retriever by Oronwood Pacific. The AnchorLift is designed to help you raise an anchor without breaking your back. In fact you use the boats engine or motor, to pull the anchor to the surface as the anchor line passes through the tube. The anchor will remain close to the surface held by the AnchorLift as you slow down and pull in the anchor line.

The AnchorLift is a 13, 16, or 18 inch buoy with a tube underneath that the anchor rope passes through. The AnchorLift itself costs around $20 without a buoy and with a 13 inch buoy its $55.

Oronwood Pacific’s Description


The AnchorLift anchor retriever system was designed with one thought in mind – to make lifting your boat anchor easier. The AnchorLift floats the anchor up using your boat engines power, eliminating the need to haul the anchor up by hand. For the active boater or fisherman, the AnchorLift anchor puller makes all the difference between a good day and a bad day on the water.

The AnchorLift anchor puller combines ease of use with top-grade materials and practical design. Simply slide the AnchorLift over your anchor line, anchor as normal, and drop the AnchorLift system in the water. When you are ready to raise your anchor, simply motor forward around your anchor line, break your anchor free, and float your anchor to the surface. The AnchorLift anchor pullers sliding bolt will lock the anchor at the surface for easy retrieval.

Whether you are salmon fishing on the Columbia, catfish angling on the Ohio, or shrimping off the shores of British Columbia, the AnchorLift is the perfect anchor retrieval system for raising your anchor or shrimp pot.


  1. An easier way to retrieve your anchor
  2. Will float anchors or traps up to 80 lbs
  3. Stainless steel reinforced nylon body
  4. Acts as a marker buoy for quick anchor release
  5. Works effectively with crab and shrimp pots