Armstrong bracket

Armstrong bracket has been around for many years. The concept is to get the outboard away from the aft end of the boat in cleaner water flow. This effectively makes the boat seem longer. Makers of these brackets include, Armstrong, Gil and stainless marine. The advantages of a bracket are fuel economy, faster planning, increased speed & handling ability.

Armstrong bracket
Armstrong bracket

Also called set back brackets; these outboard brackets set the engine back from the transom to increase performance. The distance you can set back is dependant on boat size; a smaller boat should generally have less setback than a larger one.

The setback will alter boat trim and remember when repowering 4 strokes are a lot heavier than equally power 2 strokes. Not only will the trim be altered so will control. Too much setback on a small boat will lead to control issues as the prop torque is further back.

Consult an expert when deciding on a set back bracket and make sure the hull transom can take the loads.

Armstrong’s Description

Armstrong Positive Floatation Outboard Brackets . . .

. . . are among the finest outboard mounting systems in the industry…setting the standard for outboard propulsion worldwide. The effect of the extension of the vessel hull below the waterline optimizes the performance of todays powerful outboards. Increased efficiency means lower fuel consumption, a drier ride and better handling.

You will feel the benefit of the added buoyancy from our Positive Floatation Brackets under the most demanding conditions. Whether backing down on a big fish in open water, loading up your boat for a weekend dive trip or just holding your own in a following sea, Armstrong Brackets improve the performance, usability, safety and seaworthiness of your vessel.



Armstrongs patented Watertight Compression Deck Plate provides instant access for inspection and insures maximum flotation.

The Positive floatation interior helps offset the weight of even the largest four-stroke engines.

Platform surfaces are available with integral nonskid surface or 3M Safety-Walk® Antislip material.

Marine grade aluminum construction provides the strength and corrosion resistance needed for long product life.