Electric Pocket

Electric Pocket. Is the iPhone now the end of the hand bearing compass? Sailors and boaters can now use their iPhones as a hand bearing compass. Compass Eye iPhone app is a real time compass which overlays on top of the phones camera view. Sailors can take

Electric Pocket
Electric Pocket

multiple bearings either magnetic north or true north.

Steve Bennett, CEO of Electric Pocket, discovered the need for a bearing which could be taken despite rough seas.

The Compass Eye is designed to correctly work in all angles and orientations despite shaky hands. Further when the iPhone is laid flat it show the compass rose and heading overlaid on a Google Earth Map.

Electric Pocket’s Description

A Professional Bearing Compass with overlaid augmented reality camera view and up to 8x real-time zoom

Want to take compass bearings with your iPhone? Want a compass that doesn’t change its reading when the boat rocks? Compass Eye gives you this and more!

It is designed to help navigate at sea and can be used much like a pair of Compass Binoculars.

Designed by a skipper for skippers, it can also be used on land as a bearing/marching compass and as its fully Gimballed; in the air too. Hold the iPhone vertically in landscape orientation to view where you are going and the bearings. You can also lay the iPhone flat to see the whole compass rose and heading on a live Google map.

features ;

  1. Take up to 3 separate bearings.
  2. Take a collision bearing.
  3. Set clearance bearings.
  4. Set a transit bearing.
  5. Capture three bearings and plot a fix on your chart.
  6. Fully gimballed so it doesn’t change heading when the boat rocks.