PortVisor by Seaworthy Goods. Umbrellas for Opening Ports … Why Didn’t Someone Think of That Sooner? I have been looking for a solution like this. Imagine being able to leave your ports open when it’s raining. Also how many times have you hosed down the deck only to find you left a port open and now the berth cushions are wet.


Modern deck houses have angles and so when it rains or there is water on the deck the water runs into the ports. That is what makes these little shields so great and they are cheap and easy to install.

Port shield are available for many popular ports and sizes.

Seaworthy Goods’s Description

Something to keep drizzle out of my opening portholes … what a great idea! A way to air out the head … What took so long? These are common reactions to the PortVisor™, which is designed to increase the usability and comfort of boats.

PortVisors™ fit on the outside of the cabin side to cover the top of the port, using included adhesive tape. No drilling or cutting is required and installation takes only minutes. With PortVisors™ installed, ports can be left open during rainy weather so cabins are more comfortable.

They are made from clear UV-resistant bronze Lexan. PortVisors™ are designed with great attention to a sailors need for comfort, safety, reliability, and convenience. So the visors are strong and will not snag lines or ankles; they only protrude about 2.75” from the cabin. PortVisors™ do not block the view from inside the cabin, just the UV and the rain. The visors also add an attractive appearance, especially for older boats.

Installing PortVisors™ is an easy and practical, yet distinctive and affordable, way to add value to your boat. PortVisors™ are custom designed to maximize protection for specific portlight sizes. They come in several models to fit many common opening portholes. Models are about $26 each. For photos, a list of sizes, and to place an order, cruise on over to www.SeaworthyGoods.com.

The PortVisors™ are made for Seaworthy Goods by a manufacturing operation in Florida with more than 25 years experience in the plastics industry. Seaworthy Goods produces smart products to increase the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of time afloat. Smart Stuff. Smart Boats.