Cadet compact 250 RIB

Cadet compact 250 RIB by Zodiac. The Cadet 250 Compact RIB rigid inflatable boat features a lightweight fiberglass hull with a dropdown transom and large diameter tubes. Despite being a RIB the Cadet 250 takes up very little space once deflated thanks to the fold-down transom. Being able to sit on a flat surface without projecting too high, the 250 can be stowed on a deck without obscuring your view which makes the Cadet a good option for cruisers. The cadet can be simply stored in the specially designed bag.

Cadet compact 250 RIB
Cadet compact 250 RIB

The Cadet Compact RIB offers: relatively small size compared to its load carrying capacity, robustness (welded structure) and light weight thanks to its RIMTEC (Reinforced Injection Moulding Technology). For just 8 ft 2 inches and 84 lbs the RIB can easily carry 3 people and then be stored on deck. The carry bag has integrated handles.

The Cadet RIB has a medium depth V shaped hull, which flattens out aft, to give it good planning and directional stability. The large diameter tubes help with stability at rest and supply ample buoyancy.

Tube structure; the Cadet Compact uses a welded built in Strongan Duotex fabric for the large diameter tubes. Hypalon is an option.

Features of the RIB include, rapid installation of seat, reclining oar supports, anti chafing strip, towing rings, equipped with a rail for attaching the equipment. The non skid of the RIBs floor aids moving around.

Zodiac cadet 250 specs; Overall length 8ft 2″ , Inside length 5 ft 4″ , Overall width 5 ft 4″ , Inside width 2 ft 4″ , Buoyancy tube diameter 1 ft 6″ , Capacity, Passengers (ISO) 3 , Maximum payload lbs 838 lbs, Total weight 84 lbs, Airtight compartments 2, recommended power 4HP.

Zodiac Cadet 250 Rigid Hull Inflatable (RIB) around $1450.

Zodiac’s Description

The Cadet Compact Zodiac Tenders is a mini-RIB. The fiberglass deck doesn’t fold or collapse, but the overall size of the Cadet Compact is small enough to stow in a cockpit locker.


  1. Rimtec hull
  2. Molded on-skid deck
  3. Folding transom in marine plywood
  4. 1 bow D-ring
  5. 3 davit lifting points
  6. Fuel tank tie-down strap
  7. Aluminum engine support plate
  8. 1 self-bailer


  1. StronganTM DuotexTM 2 x 1100 decitex fabric
  2. Semi-recessed valves
  3. Safety flex handrails
  4. 2 reclining oar supports
  5. Large 1 bow handle profile rubbing strake
  6. 2 oar rests
  7. 2 stainless steel towing rings
  8. 2 carry handles Reinforced cone ends


  1. Storage bag
  2. Removable “Quick Release” thwart seat (2 positions on 300)
  3. Reinforced aluminium oars + new oarlock system (jubilee clip)
  4. Foot pump
  5. Repair kit
  6. Owner’s manual


  1. Bow holdall
  2. Bench bag
  3. Davit Kit
  4. Lifting sling kit/towing bridle
  5. Electric pump