Composite gangways

Composite gangways from GS Composites. GS Composites make light stiff and customizable boarding ramps or gangways,also known in Europe as Passerelles. The gangways can be foldable for space saving and storage. The boat end of the ramp can be mounted on a hinge or post, so the ramp can be articulated to the dock.

The 8 ½ ft ramp weighs only around 14 lbs. Gs Composites are based in Slovenia.

GS Composites’s Description

GS COMPOSITE gangways type PRESTIGE CARBON gangways have a unique carbon outlook on the whole gangway. Only these are coated with a special UV-resistant transparent varnish which carbon fiber protects against UV rays and sea. Individuality of gangways provides a wide range of designs of non-slip tread finish and the possibility of writing the name of a boat on gangway.

Non-slip tread finish: The non-slip tread finish is light gray (almost white) and it is available in various designs. We can also write the name of a boat or make a custom design of non-slip finish on gangway.

ALU base for a gangway: The Gangways have a built in T piece (plug) to be inserted in the aluminum outlet that is attached to the boat. The ALU base for gangway is standard size, ø 25mm. The T-piece is attached to the hollow axis, which allows the gangway to be affixed with steel rope to the fence boat and thereby safeguard against theft.

Wheels: High quality wheels, ø 50 mm, are integrated into gangway and are acid and salt water resistant. For easier handling with gangway there is an axis on which the wheels are attached. On ax you can fix the lifting rope of ø 8 mm in diameter. With this gangway can be also used without a sound basis pier.