Innovative Hatches

Innovative Hatches

Innovative hatches from Product Solutions. These waterproof boat hatches and lockers, are purpose built to add boat equipment storage solutions to otherwise unused areas. The marine deck hatches and storage locker access hatches, have unique hinges that allow a seal, and for the lid to be removed for greater access.


Attached to the inside of the hatch, we have innovative storage in the form of drop in tubs, tackle bins for fishing gear, glove boxes etc. Check out the neat Fire extinguisher storage.

Many boats have open flat areas that are unused and also have a distinct lack of marine equipment storage. These hatches and storage lockers can solve this issue providing convenient storage for many items including fire extinguisher storage which traditionally have no safe place on deck.

Innovative Product Solutions’s Description

Innovative Product Solutions is just what our names says! We want to be Innovative in our designs. We want to build Products. We want to bring you Solutions to your problems.

Innovative Product Solutions is a high tech, progressive company striving to set the standard by which all other vendors are measured. We bring state-of-the-art design, engineering, tooling, molding, packaging, and customer service to the marine industry. Our commitment is to work directly with you to ensure direct communication of all needs and desires to ensure our products and services fit your request.

  • Hidden Fastener Design
  • Hatch Opens Beyond 180 Degrees
  • Saralon 2 resin Handles with a positive stop and click secured by a 316 SS pin
  • Interchangeable Handles; IPS Butterfly, Orcas, Gem, Southco slam latches
  • Design Sheds Water Naturally
  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Impervious to Harsh Chemicals such as Acetone
  • U.V. Resistant Saralon Resin
  • Positive Stop and Click Handle System
  • Patented Hinge System for Durability