Rainman Watermaker

rainman protable watermaker 12volt

Rainman Watermaker. Portable – Installation Optional Gasoline, Electric & 12VDC Reverse Osmosis Systems. For cruisers becoming independent is a dream. Anchoring where and when you want completes the dream. But to live one essential element is water. To save endless trips ashore or to carry ridiculous amounts of water its nice to be able to make water yourself.

rainman portable watermaker 12volt
rainman portable watermaker 12volt

This article looks at the process

This post is about Rainmans portable watermaker.

rainman portable watermaker
rainman portable watermaker









Review of the rainmain by cruisers Zero to Cruising blog

“I first read about Rainman portable watermakers (desalinators) some time ago, and I admit that I was very intrigued by the concept. I don’t typically write about products unless I have first-hand experience using them though, which is why I have, until today, failed to mention this unique concept here on this blog. When I noticed that our boat neighbors, Gary and Marie, had one on board, and seemed to be using it quite regularly, I made up my mind to invite myself over to check out their system. Gary was more than accommodating, welcoming me onboard to give me a complete overview of how the watermaker works. What I learned follows below.”


Rainman Portable watermaker specs

Your unit comes ready to use out of the box – so keeping the unit portable has  great benefits over installed or modular systems
Here are a few considerations…

  • Once you take it out of the box its ready to use in 10 minutes
  • Installation is not required – no costly haul out or additions
  • No additional holes breeching your hull required
  • Unit can be carried on when required, and left at the dock when it’s not – saving you the weight of an onboard system.
  • System can easily be shipped – If maintenance is required, you can just place in a box and ship to us (or we will arrange shipping for you). We’ll just send it back when its ready. No delay in cruising and no having to arrange techs to visit your vessel.
  • Relocate from boat to boat easily – you can even use it at home if you have access to water. 
  • When you upgrade your vessel – you can take your system with you, or easily resell the system and ship to the buyer – no uninstall necessary.
  • You can easily loan the unit to your friends when you are not using it.
  • Also great for that ‘backup’ in the event of an emergency