lizard spin boots magic marine

Lizard Spin Boots

Lizard Spin Boots from Magic Marine are a bit different from other sailing boots. The inner lining has a drawstring lacing which tightens around your foot and leg. This lets you transfer your foot movements to the deck without your foot slipping around in the boot.

lizard Spin Boots are light, breathable, and waterproof. Cost around $250

Lizard Spin Boots Details from Magic Marine

Lizard Spin Boots
Lizard Spin Boots

Lizard Spin Boots, Offers stability, lightweight, removable insole, flexibility, snug effect and innovative and patented closure system.

Lizard Spin Boots Features

  • Fits like a shoe
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent grip

FOOTBED: Anatomatical and removable, in EVA lined in mesh.

UPPER: Waterproof and breathable thanks to Outdry® technology. Velcro straos closures.

LINING: Highly breathable 3Dair mesh with Quick Fit Fitting and stable lacing.

SOLE: Exclusive A-Clima sole with non-marking marine Vibram® rubber compound.

(Team Ceeref, Slovenia)

“Usually I dislike climbing a mast in boots. Their bulk usually means you lack grip with the mast and feel unsecure. However with the Lizard Spin Boots, their light weight and the fact they have internal laces means they feel exactly the same as their sailing shoe. I feel completely secure climbing a mast in Lizard Spin Boots.


These Lizard boots are Lightweight, have great grip and secure well to the foot. Most boots are slip on, and generally either tend to be loose around the foot or if tight are very hard to get on and off.

These boots also secure well to the foot.

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