Racer gtx boot

Racer gtx boot. Putting on and removing offshore boots is tough. You are wearing many layers and bending down trying to pull on those tight fitting boots is a chore. Waterproof boots are necessarily tight fitting; they need to be tight so that you are not sliding around inside them and to stop water from getting inside. However when you put on your shoes you have shoe laces that tighten the shoe around your foot. So how come boots do not have a system like this, even ski boots have buckles.

Racer gtx boot
Racer gtx boot

The racer GTX from Aigle Has solved this problem with a triple Velcro strap closure system, so you can open up the boot. No more struggling to get those boots on and off. Release the Velcro straps and the boot opens up to make getting your foot in and out a breeze. To close the boot around your calf and ankle, simply tighten the straps until you feel comfortable.

These Racer GTX boots and the GTX plus (includes gaiter) are exceptions. We did look at the Ventus Boot from Sperry which is a new model and also has a similar strap system to tighten the boot.

Aigle is the maker of the very popular Maramu dinghy boot Price: for the GTX is $349.00. The bottom image shows the GTX with gaiter.

Aigle’s Description

In 1853, Aigle revolutionized the world of footwear by using rubber as its core material for boot manufacture. Boots continue to be made by hand at Ingrandes, France near Chatellerault. From preparation through to finishing, each stage takes place under the watchful eye of specialists.

Firstly, the natural rubber mix endows the boots with all of their characteristics (suppleness, waterproofness, sturdiness, comfort, etc.) Then the parts are assembled by hand on an aluminium last. The 3rd stage in the process involves vulcanisation of the boots in an autoclave at 140° to give them their definitive shape.

Finally, each boot is carefully inspected to ensure that a high-performance, high-quality product is obtained.


Racer GTX boot features

  1. Waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex® lining.
  2. Full grain leather around the foot and upper heel.
  3. Firm fit thanks to a triple Velcro system.
  4. Fits most calf widths, with fully adjustable velcro leg gusset.
  5. Phylon insert for shock absorption.
  6. Textile upper for great freedom of movement.
  7. Patented snail rubber sole with deep tread and evaluation notches, ensuring a very good grip.
  8. Light weight.