Flat Rope alternative to round rope

flat rope

Flat Rope is an alternative to regular round rope. Flat rope stores easier than regular rope and takes up less space. Regular anchor rodes sit in wet humid anchor lockers most of the time. Round rope is difficult to coil absorbs water and dirt. Just open your anchor locker and look. The rope sits piled up un-coordinated and messy. Once a year many of us pull the rode and clean it and re organize, but there are few ways to keep it that way.

flat rope
flat rope

One alternative which is gaining traction is the flat rope. We see flat rope in jack lines where it works well. The flat rope or webbing sits flat on the deck, and doesn’t roll over like a rope when stepped on. Flat rope is popular in Europe for stern anchors where the Med style of anchoring stern to is very common.

Flat rope has a big advantage when it come to anchor rode storage and that’s due to the reel. The Reel can be stored on a stanchion or bow or stern rails where its ready for use at any moment. The flat rope reel has graduations so you can monitor how much is being used.

Quickline make a stainless reel and specialized flat ropes in Polyester and Polypropylene for anchoring.

Quickline Flat Rope and Reel

Manufacturers description

Flat Rope and Reel
Flat Rope and Reel

The Quickline Flat Rope and Reel is easily mounted to railing hardware or flat surfaces. The reel comes in three sizes and includes a standard mounting kit for 25mm to 30mm diameter railings and an ingenious reel handle. If your railing is larger than standard size, oversized stainless steel rail clamps can be purchased at most chandleries or online from us. An optional single stanchion mounting kit is also available for all Quickline reels and will accommodate railings from 22mm to 40mm in diameter.

If your railing is larger than standard size, oversized stainless steel rail clamps can be purchased at most chandleries or online from us.

Flat rope


Storage Retrieving is easy with the reel Strength; more strength per pound than many 3 strand ropes Stored outside flat rope is not sitting in a anchor locker getting dirty


Cannot use with windlass Cost is quite a bit more than 3 strand You cannot splice flat rope Damage to one edge can greatly reduce strength

Flat Rope Materials

These flat ropes are designed to stretch as loads increase; this feature allows it to absorb hard, sudden surges so your cleats don’t have to. Units come in three reel sizes and three line lengths and they perform similarly to a 3-strand 5/8″ nylon rope.

If you’re looking for a longer line, check out our QL35X120 (400 feet) Floating Flat Rope & Reel in replacement for our popular, but expensive, Dyneema Quickline Flat Rope & Reel. We have re-introduced our original long line version with a polypropylene flat rope. All the same great features but a lower breaking strength!

Polypropylene Flat Rope (Yellow)

UV Resistance: High Manufactured from: polypropylene multifilament string Stretch: 7-8% Breaking Strengths: 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs.) Weight: 45 gr/meter Character: FLOATS

Polyester Flat Rope (White)

UV Resistance: High Manufactured from: polyester thread Stretch: 3-4% Breaking Strengths: 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs.) Weight: 60 gr/meter Character: SINKS

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