Boater’s Pocket Reference app

Boater’s Pocket Reference app. One navigation aid which has been around for centuries is the Nautical Almanac. The Nautical Almanac is a reference tool for boaters worldwide to assist in safe Navigation. Even in the modern era of mobile technology, you need to know tides and other local date specific data. The iPhone may show your heading safely around a headland, but it won’t tell you the tidal race that could suddenly change your course. Pilot Books, Tide Tables and Almanacs do that.

The traditional Almanac was a publication giving the positions of celestial bodies enabling navigators to navigate by Sextant. Almanacs are annual publications with year specific data.

These days many Almanacs have added more and more information. They are one stop references with information on almost every situation from; navigation and tides, understanding weather, nautical calculators, to rules of the road, medical emergencies to rigging to maintenance, and engine information.

These are the tools used by navigators;

  • Nautical Almanac
  • Navigation Charts
  • Pilot Books and Cruising Guides
  • Tide tables
  • Reference guides

Some books like Reeds cover almost everything, while others just focus on a specific group.


In the UK Reeds Nautical Almanac is the bible that almost every boater purchases. Every year the Almanac is updated and the 2013 edition has over 45,000 annual updates. There is also the Reeds Nautical Almanac App.

Eldridge Tide & Pilot Book is for Tides

The Nautical Publication for 2013 is for celestial bodies, and Moon phases.

For Reference; In the US one option is the Boaters Pocket Reference book and the reference app. This book and app is not a yearly publication but does contain information that can be used every day. This reference will be a great addition to yearly Tide Tables and Nautical Almanacs.

Boater’s Pocket Reference App

The app version of the book of the same name by Thomas McEwen, published in 2006. The small handy book is an inch thick and almost 800 pages. This is a tiny book that will fit in your pocket, hence the name. The print is necessarily small so if your like me you will need some reading glasses.

The App contains well over 1,000 pages. The Pocket Reference does not have yearly data like tides, it mostly concerned with data that is not time sensitive.

Looks like most of the content rom the Pocket Reference Books is handled in the App. If you like capitalism and free enterprise you must like the apps business model. Anyone can make an app and if it has an audience and is good you can make some money.

As more and more apps get released, we are now seeing a maturity in them. The demand for apps is huge and so the good developers and most popular apps are getting more and more refined. The Pocket Reference app is in its 3.2 revision so we can see the app is being updated over time.

About the Author

Thomas McEwen is an avid boater and former mining engineer. Tom is also a member of the Boulder Valley Sail and Power Squadron in Colorado.

Boaters pocket reference App $5 for the app.

Anchor Publishing $15 for the Hard Copy version.