My Team Talks Headsets

My Team Talks” Bluetooth Headsets

My Team Talks Headsets. Headset are goofy and a nuisance, but not maybe as goofy as a bad docking incident. One issue with maneuvering is communications between crew and helmsman or skipper. Clear communications make situations go smoothly while jelling back and forth and not hearing properly causes problems and ads stress.

My Team Talks” Bluetooth Headsets
My Team Talks” Bluetooth Headsets

Stress is something that occurs and spoils an otherwise relaxing day on the water. These Bluetooth headsets sold to the marine market but mainly aimed at the motor cyclist can help. Read the full review by Ben Ellison below for a full understanding.

Panbo “My Team Talks” Bluetooth Headsets Review

SAIL & Panbo electronics editor, Ben Ellison, says Bluetooth-equipped My Team Talks headsets are an outstanding piece of gear for those who want to make sure all hands know what’s going on when, say, anchoring in a stiff breeze.

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My Team Talks Headsets Manufacturers description

Features: Completely wireless (no cumbersome antenna or belt-pack) Full multiplex (up to 4-person team conferencing) Full time (no voice

“My Team Talks” Bluetooth Headsets
“My Team Talks” Bluetooth Headsets

activation delay or buttons to push) Hands free (including voice-control cell phone operation) Answer, dial, share or reject cell-phone conversations Rechargeable Lithium battery (10 hrs talk-time, 7 days standby) Bluetooth transmissions (eliminate interference from other headsets) Water resistant Range up to 900 meters (line of sight-transmitting through bulkheads or metal surfaces will reduce effective range) Comfortable, secure, attractive appearance Easy programming and operation

These new headsets represent a quantum leap in technology with noise-cancelling receivers and full voice-controlled operation, perfect for on-board crew co-ordination or dozens of other applications like cycling, hiking, kayaking or canoeing for full multi-plex conferencing (up to 4 team members). There is no competitive product offering comparable value with all of these features.

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Bring state-of-the-art multiplex communication technology to your boat. This is a serious system for crew co-ordination and Bluetooth communication unmatched in today’s market.