Ultimate Boat Boarding Ramp

Ultimate Boat Boarding Ramp. The mounting options of this boarding ladder / ramp plus the light carbon construction make this boarding ramp attractive. The ability to quickly mount the ramp and store it aids use. Heavy ramps can not only make you break your back moving them around but are larger and take up more space. This assembly is very simple and you can add a handrail if needed.

Ultimate Boat Boarding Ramp description

ultimate boarding ramp
ultimate boarding ramp

Our lightweight gangway, made from carbon fiber, weighs just 19 lbs. yet holds over 800 lbs!

Easily attaches and detaches in 6 seconds, glides smoothly and quietly along any dock surface. Available in 6 ft. (our most popular model), 7 ft. and 8 ft. lengths, as well as custom lengths to 18 feet, all gangways are 20″ wide and just 1″ thick. Stores easily.

100% made in the USA. Our gangway provides safety and convenience for you, your guests, parents, pets and children. Mounting systems available for all boarding applications, all types and sizes of boats.

All gangways come with one set of mounting brackets, available in mirror polished stainless steel or powder coated aluminum, and our 2 year limited warranty.