iPhone underwater housing

iPhone underwater housing by Valstech for the IPhone 7. LenzO underwater housing for iPhone 7 is rated for 100 meters and is a development from their iPhone 6 housing.

Features include an optical dome lens, total phone control while under water, a selfie lens, and dual tripod mounts. Unlike the previous LenzO housing the iPhone 7 version floats.

The planned retail price will be about $400 pledge now and you could get one for $230.

Valstechs description.


Optical dome lens designed for land and underwater use
Optical domes have both hard and anti-reflective coating
Built-in functional selfie lens
Two internal “flip” UR Pro color correction filters for accurate underwater colors
No image distortion or soft corners


Ergonomically designed controls enable access to all iPhone camera functions
Full access to stills, video, bursts, panoramic, time-lapse, and square shooting modes
Access resolution & frame rate settings
Sleep/Wake push button
Swipe to Unlock

Smartphone Protection

Depth rated and tested to 100 meters (330 ft)
Retaining system keeps smartphone securely in place and amortizes shock
Main safety lock designed to aid in accurate and effortless opening and positive closing of the LenzO™
Unique dome mount design prevents cross threading and provides a positive safe lock mechanism