Snuffair spinnaker snuffer


snuffair spinnaker snuffer. Spinnakers are fun to sail with, but they are unwieldy to handle. Spinnakers are large clouds of sail, and almost impossible to control by one person, until the snuffer came along.

The snuffer is a sock that is pulled over the spinnaker to snuff the air out of it and once in the sock the spinnaker can be lowered to the deck. The snuffer is a separate device that is attached between the spinnaker halyard and the spinnaker. The halyard attached to the top of the snuffer and the spinnaker is attached to the inside of the snuffer with a swivel snap shackle.

To help guide the spinnaker into the sock there is a large oval fiberglass ring which is at the opening to the sock.


ATN snuffer or what they call spinnaker sleeve

North Sails Snuffer

You can see from the North Snuffer that it needs to be relatively large for the spinnaker size. This large size makes stowage difficult.

To help guide the spinnaker into the sock there is a large oval fiberglass ring which is at the opening to the sock.

The problem with the standard snuffer is the fiberglass ring which is necessarily quite large compared to the spinnaker. This makes the spinnaker and snuffer difficult to stow, it also can damage anything it hits.

C-Tech from New Zealand came up with an innovative alternative the inflatable snuffair.

SnuffAir Spinnaker Snuffer

Manufacturers Comments

Manufactured by C-Tech Ltd CT SnuffAir is an innovative, inflatable, spinnaker retrieval system that replaces the solid bucket or hoop traditionally used with spinnaker socks. [Patent Pending]

A Revolutionary Inflatable Spinnaker Retrieval System Soft and flexible Space saving (5x smaller than traditional hoop systems) Safer for crew and yachts Save $$ on expensive repairs (won’t damage mast, paint-work and rigging) Improved sail handling Easier to maneuver around the deck


Inflates and deflates in seconds (using onboard compressor) Manufactured with the toughest materials Light and easy to use Yachts 60ft +


SnuffAir Spinnaker Snuffer

Pros Can be deflated for storage Space saving Soft hoop means no damage to mast or persons

Cons Not quite so rigid as fiberglass Needs pump

Normal Spinnaker Snuffer

Pros Rigid mouth for sock

Cons Large Heavy Sharp edges

Manufacturers Contact

CT Snuffair web site

C-Tech in New Zealand make carbon spars and specialty batten technology including Inflatable battens used by Americas Cup teams