The Propeller Handbook

The Propeller Handbook

The Propeller Handbook. Dave Gerrs book on Propellers is a simple introduction to the subject. You will learn terms and how each propeller type works. You will also be able to trouble shoot your propeller and propulsion problems. A quick look at the chapters lets you know what you can learn.

There are reasons you are not getting the best out of your boat and engine. Normally is has to do with the type of propeller, incorrect pitch or size. This book will help you understand all the features

The Propeller Handbook
The Propeller Handbook

Answer questions like: which should I choose a two-, three-, or four-bladed propeller? Is a square wheel best, why is your engine and shaft vibrating? How will adjusting pitch improve your boats performance?

Softcover, 100 illus, 176 pages

Chapter 1. Power: Understanding Engine Performance

Chapter 2. Estimating Speed: Effects of Power, Weight, and Hull Type

Chapter 3. Propeller Anatomy: Parts and Definitions

Chapter 4. Blade Characteristics: Blade Shape, Cavitation, Special Propellers, and Rules of Thumb

Chapter 5. Crouchs Propeller Method: The Empirical Method for Calculating Propellers Using Slip

Chapter 6. The Bp- Method: The Power Factor Method for Calculating Propellers

Chapter 7. Installation Considerations: Blade Clearances, Shafting, and Propeller Weight

Chapter 8. Tugs and Trawlers: High-Thrust, Variable-Loading, Controllable Pitch, and Ducted Propellers

Chapter 9. Sailboats, Outboards, and Go-Fast Wrinkles: Propellers for Special Applications

Appendix A. Measuring the Hull: Procedure for Determining Displacement

Appendix B. Measuring the Propeller: Procedure for Finding Diameter and Pitch

Appendix C. Shaft Taper and Coupling Dimensions

Appendix D. Decimal Exponents Manufacturers and Suppliers Bibliography Index

On the surface, choosing the correct propeller for a particular boat seems simple. But one factor affects another, which then affects another factor, leading many boaters to believe that propeller selection depends more on black magic than logic. All the questions are answered in this complete reference, the first of its kind. This clear, easy-to-use handbook for all small boats is written not for Ph.D.s seeking the latest wrinkle in high-tech propeller design, but as a practical aid for the average mechanic, engineer, boatbuilder, fleet operator, serious yachtsman, or naval architect.

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