Bimini Top Folding

folding top bimini

Bimini Top Folding from Mate-USA. This Folding Bimini top is different from other Biminis you can purchase, in that the legs are collapsible hence reducing storage.

With Biminis the bows are very large often the width of the boat and they are also high so you can live underneath the canvas. This means the bows take up a lot of space when you don’t need them. Mate USAs bows made in alloy and powder coated have nylon joints which allow the legs to fold. These Locking joints on the Bimini’s frame enable it to fold quickly into a compact package with a storage bag.


Bimini Top Folding
Bimini Top Folding

From the Manufacturer

In the heat of the day, the comforts offered by a Bimini or sun-top can be a welcome relief on all types of boats. The space-saving, foldable Bimini sun-top from Mate USA provides protection and cooling shade while maintaining ventilation, visibility and free movement onboard.

One of several sun-top models offered by Mate USA, the lightweight Bimini is easily set into place with a choice of mounting options. By installing several mounts, the user can move the sun-top throughout the day to provide maximum shade. Locking joints on the Bimini’s frame enable it to fold quickly into a compact package when not needed, complete with a storage bag. The disassembled Bimini is small enough for UPS shipment to customers.

Mate USA’s high production standards and rigorous wind tunnel tests ensure the durability of its sun-tops. Despite its average weight of just

13 lbs., the Bimini is engineered to withstand speeds up to 33 knots. It carries a lifetime warranty.

Italian design imbues Mate USA sun-tops with good looks as well as durability and strength. The graceful, light appearance of the Bimini’s three arches belie their tough marine aluminum alloy construction. Made of 0.78″ tubing, the arches are coated with white powder paint finish.

Zytel fiberglass nylon joints make the sun-top maintenance free. The top itself is a waterproof fabric available in white, beige or navy blue.

The Bimini is available in five widths to accommodate a variety of boats. Bimini sun-tops in 60″, 67″, 73″ and 79″ widths include a choice of two standard heights, either 45″ or 55″. The 89″-wide model is 55″ high.

Mate USA’s numerous deck fitting accessories make it easy for boat owners to customize the sun-top mounting for their particular craft.

Bimini sun-tops start at $455.

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