iMux NMEA multiplexer

iMux NMEA multiplexer by Brookhouse. If you use an iPad on your boat and are trying to maximize its use, you might want to see your boats instruments on the Pad. The only way for external data like AIS signals, boat instruments, boat speed, depth, GPS signals etc to get input into an iPad is via WiFi. To help you achieve the best from your iPad Brookhouse has the iMux. iMux is a NMEA 0183 multiplexer.


The iPad or iPhone, paired with a Brookhouse iMux can be a low-cost alternative for a chart plotter. Using navigation apps on your iPad, you can add the boat instrument data to further add features. The image show AIS data on a chart. For charts you can use Navionics iNavx.

Ipads or iPhones can be used for backup navigation and information, or it can be used a a primary source. The iPad has an option for GPS but this built in GPS is not good enough for most navigation. If your boat already has a good GPS onboard you can bring this into the Ipad with the iMux.

The iMux has 2 options. The first is the standard NMEA 0183 and the second a Seatalk version especially for Raymarine instruments.

imux Brookhouse’s Description

The Apple iPad with iNavx application offers powerful marine navigation capabilities, using Navionics charts, at a fraction of the cost of a chart plotter. Features include AIS target plotting and full marine instrument support. However, the only way NMEA 0183 data from AIS, external GPS and instruments can be input by the iPad is via WiFi (wireless LAN). To unlock the full potential of the iPad for navigation, Brookhouse now offers the iMux, the NMEA 0183 multiplexer with WiFi output. With its large screen, the iPad is the first choice for navigation, but the iPhone and iPod touch are also supported.

The standard iMux combines AIS data from any AIS receiver or transponder with GPS and NMEA instrument data and transmits the combined data stream via WiFi to the iPad or a computer. The iMux also has a serial output port for hard-wired connection to a chart plotter and/or a computer. All of the functions of the Brookhouse multiplexer model AIS are included, so application of this model is not limited to WiFi only.

The iMux-ST converts Seatalk GPS and instrument data to NMEA 0183 and combines this data with AIS and data from other NMEA 0183 sources. The single data stream is transmitted via WiFi for input by the iPad. In addition, the iMux-ST offers most of the features of multiplexer model AISC, for integration of AIS and other NMEA talkers with Raymarine chart plotters. The Seatalk GPS position is output as NMEA at 4800 baud and can be used as input by DSC VHF or SSB radios.

Brookhouse imux