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MaxSea time zero from Furuno. TimeZero is a joint venture between PC experts MaxSea from France and radar plotter manufacturer Furuno. Furunos NavNet 3D series incorporates MaxSeas patented TimeZero technology. MaxSea now incorporates TimeZero into its own product line and now you can get the TimeZero software for your PC.

TimeZero refers to the zero time needed for chart refresh and panning.


Watch the video below to see how fast you can move around the chart seamlessly. You hear seamlessly all the time, but here you can pan across the Atlantic and zoom in and out, while still being able to read the chart.

Click here to see the ” TimeZero Rolling demo ” and how the TimeZero system really works.

Another feature is the ability to switch between 2D and 3D view with just a click. This is possible as TimeZero works in 3D as a default and no new charts need to be loaded. In addition to TimeZero, you can add satellite photos and there are routing and AIS modules.

At the Miami show Active Captain showed off its points of interest POI integration into TimeZero. This Active Captain feature lets TimeZero users see markers, marinas, boat ramps and other features along with reviews.

” Click here to see Active Captain in TimeZero ”

MaxSea TimeZero Navigator has a list price of $450, while MaxSea TimeZero Explorer has a list price of $1,250. each package comes with a DVD loaded with NOAA raster and vector charts of the US coastline.

As a testimonial for TimeZero Maxsea look to Vendee Globe Race Winner Michel Desjoyeaux. This round the world race is single handed and raced aboard some of the fastest boats. This makes navigation so important. Having the TimeZero tool enables Desjoyeaux to analyze weather and routes to make the fastest courses in minimal time, as he needs to sail the boat, eat and sleep.

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” TimeZero press release ”

Furuno’s Description

Once again, MaxSea is the forerunner and invents a new generation of software based on the most recent technologies. MaxSea is launching the Time Zero Technology that will revolutionize the world of navigation software. Time Zero is a totally new technology, entirely created and developed by MaxSea.

This technology was even selected by Furuno for the development of its new NavNet 3D product generation.

Thanks to Time Zero, MaxSea offers a new ultra fast cartographic engine with unparalleled seamlessness and speed of zooming. Nautical charts, 3D data, and aerial photos are combined to provide you with the best maritime information and a realism that has never before been achieved.

Time Zero… LIKE ON BOARD ! Thanks to Time Zero technology, your software runs and reacts instantaneously. Ongoing zoom, instantaneous display.

Your ship moves smoothly in real time. You bring about. Your boat is turning simultaneously on your computer! !

Your system reacts in real time and your boat is moving on the chart as for real. What you see on the screen is fully in-phase with what you are experiencing on the bridge of your ship. The realism of the product will surprise you all the more when you are on board

Todays yachting enthusiasts expect a lot from their navigation systems. Flexibility and efficiency are especially important: we all want to be able to put our plans into action quickly. MaxSea Explorer Time Zero is the ideal system for people who enjoy their freedom, and for crews that demand the best.

MaxSea Time Zero Explorer Pack is for semi professionals and enables us to connect a NavNet 3D. It includes advanced tools for more demanding users.

Indeed, you have all pack Navigator Time Zero features plus the following modules which are included:

Mobile Tracking Module (AIS / ARPA)

NavNet 3D Module

MaxSea Explorer Pack includes : software packaging + ONE chosen MapMedia .mm3d data area. MapMedia packaging contains following data depending on chosen area : Raster or Vector Charts + 3D Data + Satellite pictures High Resolution* or Standard Resolution.

MaxSea Navigator Pack is for sailboats and motorboats. It offers more capabilities than any software package at any price, and its ease of use is unmatched. MaxSea Navigator is the first navigation software which provides a worldwide library of both vector and raster charts. It contains most of usual navigation features such as Waypoints, routes, weather forecast

Navigator Pack includes the Software and its packaging + ONE chosen MapMedia .mm3d data area. MapMedia packaging contains following data depending on chosen area : Raster or Vector Charts + 3D Data + Satellite pictures High Resolution* or Standard Resolution.

You can add different optional modules, ROUTING Module, AIS Mobiles Tracking Module.