Redstart inflatable dinghy

Redstart inflatable dinghy by Avon. True inflatable dinghies have no solid parts, like transoms or v shaped GRP hulls. They are 100% inflatable, which allows them to be stored in a small space like a lazarette locker. They may have solid slats for floorboards, but these are removable for storage. The problem with an inflatable like this is speed. Most of them are supplied with oars and a small outboard bracket.

Inflatable dinghies are made from a fabric coated with either PVC or Hypalon. Hypalon is more expensive, but gives the fabric extra durability and protection from the sun. The Hypalon coated fabric is more flexible than the PVC coated material making it easier to fold. The flexibility of the fabric ads to durability.

Avons Redstart dinghy is the smallest in the Avon range at 8ft long and is made with the Hypalon coated material. The Avon inflatable dinghy range includes the Redstart and the 9ft Redcrest. Redstart is not new, it has been around for decades but has gone through a facelift keeping it in the premium product position.

One of the features of the Redstart is the inflatable thwart or rowers seat. This takes a little getting used to as the rower feels a bit wobbly, but some users prefer this to a solid seat, and the seat provides additional buoyancy.

The Avon inflatable is expensive and costs twice that of the cheaper PVC coated dinghies and you will need to decide if the durability is worth the price. The Redstart is 8ft long by 4.3 ft wide, weighs 41lbs, and is rated for 3 persons & 661lbs. the max engine is 3HP. When folded the redstart fits into a valise which can then be stored in a locker.

Avon’s Description

The Avon Dinghy range offers a timeless introduction to inflatable boating, and still regarded without peer by experienced sailors.

Superbly designed and now improved, the Dinghy features large diameter buoyancy tubes for greater carrying capacity, sea handling and stability. Perfect for access to offshore moorings or exploring lakes or hidden coves, the Dinghy can be effortlessly rowed or powered by small outboards.

The careful design and features of the Dinghy are enhanced by the standard outboard bracket and the inflatable thwart providing both seating and increased rigidity and buoyancy. You will find the Avon Dinghy, tougher, safer and more seaworthy than any competitor.

Folded in its carry bag, the Dinghy stows easily in a cockpit locker. The Dinghy can be half deflated to save stowage space. Slatted deck, inflatable thwart and outboard bracket are now part of the standard equipment. Redcrest Dinghy with GRP bracket and optional air deck.

Standard Features

  1. Inflatable thwart and retainers
  2. Slatted deck
  3. Tough raised profile rubstrake
  4. Rowlocks / Oarlocks
  5. Wooden jointed oars
  6. Fibreglass outboard engine bracket
  7. Towing bridle patches
  8. Bow handle
  9. Lifelines
  10. Boat valise
  11. Bellows
  12. Repair Kit
  13. Owners manual

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