kicker cable tie bar

Kicker Cable Tie Bar from Seastar. Many fishermen have two outboard motors, one big one and one small one. The big one is to move the boat fast from location to location. Fishing means trying to locate the best spot and often it experimental. You can try one spot and then decide to move on. The smaller outboard is called a kicker and is used to move at much lower speeds conducive to fishing. Kicker motors could electric trolling motors or fossil fueled outboards a smaller version of the big one.

To steer the kicker motor there are remote steering systems such as the Panther marine Electro Steer Remote Kicker Steering. These systems have redundant controls that do not utilize the main outboard steering system. There are benefits to this approach as if something happens to the main engine controls you have a backup. However for some the idea of attaching the kicker motor to the main engine controls is appealing.

Seastar has a new product out in September 2010 that will allow adding a kicker motor linkage to an existing Seastar hydraulic steering system. Notice that in the picture of the new system the outboards are non manufacturer specific. Teleflex are careful to let you know they have no allegiance to any outboard manufacturer.

The Kicker Cable Tie Bar from Seastar is Available September 1, 2010. Seastar is a division of Teleflex Marine.

Seastar’s Description

This new Seastar product allows a user to manually steer an auxiliary engine (kicker motor) using their existing Seastar hydraulic steering system. Today this is accomplished with a variety of solid mechanical linkages between the main engine and the auxiliary engine. Teleflex has developed a patent pending design that incorporates a Teleflex Extreme cable as the linkage between the two engines.


  1. Flexible cable allows for adjustable locations of kicker motor.
  2. Allows independent trim/tilt of both engines.
  3. Allows full steering stroke of both engines.
  4. Simplified installation using universal ABYC steering connection (as per ABYC P17 & P21 standards) on kicker motor.
  5. Retrofittable to SeatStar Front Mount Cylinders
  6. Incorporates unique patented Teleflex Extreme cable technology

kicker cable tie bar