Challenger Offshore 150N lifejacket

Challenger Offshore 150N lifejacket by International safety Products. International Safety Products ISP, in the UK claim they manufacture the largest number of inflatable lifejackets. Most of their lifejackets go to military and other industrial needs. If we look at the IPS lifejacket, we see some interesting differences and see that they are indeed the benchmark for the best inflatable. These lifejackets are not budget purchases.

A typical inflatable has two separate bladders. One of the problems with this design is that waves can come up between the bladders straight into your mouth. IPS has addressed the problem with an interlocking lobe bladder. This patented design keeps your mouth and nose clear.


The interlocking lobe design is asymmetrical, meaning one side has more buoyancy than the other. This integral self righting feature helps flip the person onto his back.

One extra you will increasingly find with inflatable lifejackets is a spray hood. If you do end up in the water and in rough seas, a hood stops waves from going in your mouth.

The challenger inflatable comes with Twin Independent chambers, Automatic inflation system, Retro-reflective tape, Whistle, Location Light, Grabloop. Extras include crotch strap, and hood.

Buoyancy ratings; European EU certification EN396 makes 150 Newtons the standard for inflatables, (15N = 15kg=33lbs of buoyancy). The USCG recommendation for a type 1 lifejacket is 22lbs minimum.

The Challenger offshore is also available in a 275N buoyancy model. In this lifejacket, the first 150N inflates automatically and the additional buoyancy manually inflates if required. The second bladder is under the first. This additional buoyancy keeps your head well clear of the water.

Features Patented interlocking lobe design High visibility neon yellow fabric Twin chamber security

International safety Products’s Description

Few areas are more demanding than commercial marine workwear, where our unrivalled expertise and technology come into their own. In the Challenger brand, ISP has developed a range of products which carry all the relevant approvals and accreditation for wearers to be certain of safety at the sharp end.

With its many options and extras, the Challenger range surpasses any expectation.

For example, the Challenger Worksafe range of single chamber jackets is used extensively by professionals working in or near a marine environment. The patented interlocking lobe design, gives in-water protection by channelling water and spray away from the airways.

A range of foam lifejackets are manufactured with CE, UK D.O.T. or S.O.L.A.S. approvals. The Challenger Offshore 150N Lifejacket

The Offshore 150N lifejacket has been designed as a dual purpose Emergency Abandonment or Constant Wear lifejacket. The split front design allows the wearer unrestricted movement and full forward and downward vision.

The neon yellow fabric affords high visibility in poor light conditions. Twin automatic independent chambers give full inflation even in the event of damage to or non-inflation of one chamber.

The patented interlocking lobe design provides an effective wave barrier preventing water being channelled into the mouth while the tailored neck design gives vital support to the head and neck – even to an unconscious subject.

The Offshore 150N lifejacket is available with a wide variety of options, the outer cover can be manufactured in a variety of materials and colours and can contain corporate or other identification marks.

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