Pasarelle with LED lighting

Pasarelle with LED lighting by Exit Engineering. Exit engineering make some very light gangplanks. Pasarelles as they are often called are mounted usually at the stern, but can be mounted anywhere practical. The have one fixed end on the boat and the other end moves on the shore.

They are often suspended with a halyard which makes them more suitable for sailboats and larger powerboats. Once attached the Pasarelle makes boarding easy.

Often however the problem with a pasarelle is moving it and storing it. Exit engineering are one Company that specializes in very lightweight pasarelles. Made in carbon the ladders are easily moved despite the size. Carbon is very stiff so a carbon pasarelle can be so much lighter.

This new gangplank has lights built in. Mounted underneath, the lights shine through small holes, making the ladder easy to navigate at night.

One neat feature I saw, was the halyard holding up the pasarelle, connected to an electric whinch which had a remote. The Owner could get to his boat and lower the ladder so he could board.

Exit Engineering’s Description

Long life, low power consumption, totally waterproof and CE certified high intensity LED lamps mounted with special fittings below the gangway surface.

Thanks to the extra-thin walls of Exit Engineering carbon pre-preg boat gangways we can mount the lamps on the bottom, with their light showing on top through small holes on the sides of the walking area. And part of the light will be reflected on the water below your gangway and on the dock with a great visual effect.

The easy to install lamp kit is supplied with male-female heavy duty sealed Buccaneer ® connectors, On request we can supply the whole cable and even bulkhead surface mount connectors. 4 to 8 (according to gangway model) watertight LED lamps, IP65 protection class lamps, IP68 protection class sealed Buccaneer connectors with caps. AISI316 stainless steel support brackets. lamps are demountable with simple tools. automatic adjustment to power supply 10…30 V, low consumption 4.8 W to 19.2 W according to gangway model and volts supply (12 V or 24 V)