DMK Yacht Instruments

DMK Yacht Instruments, has developed a WiFi gateway able to broadcast NMEA 0183 and Raymarine SeaTalk sensor messages as well as N2K AKA NMEA2000. The system connects to NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and Raymarine’s SeaTalk communications protocols, allowing boaters with a mix of systems onboard to unite them through the box.

The basic box costs $399, and $449 for the box with GPS. The Free app allows users to change the display options and choose between digital or analog, feet or fathoms, Celsius or Fahrenheit. The app can currently display four types of data

  1. Apparent Wind Speed
  2. Apparent Wind Angle
  3. Boat Speed
  4. Depth Below Transducer


The DMK Box works with iRegatta & iNavX or any application that uses NMEA 0183 and can receive UDP packets on a specific port (1703)

Since the box uses Wi-Fi, which is available at many marinas, users have the ability to monitor their boats from remote locations.

Other options for mixing your boats instruments and send them to mobile devices;

  • SeAMate 1A (Molgaard Marine House)
  • iAIS / BOATraNET (Digital Yacht)
  • iMux (Brookhouse)
  • MiniPlex-2Wi (Shipmodul)

DMK Yacht Instrument’s Description

The DMK Box wirelessly transmits marine instrument data for display on a mobile device via the DMK App or compatible software. It uses an ad hoc Wi-Fi connection from your iOS device to the DMK Box. It includes a wiring interface that connects to SeaTalk, NMEA 0183, and NMEA 2000. Includes Wi-Fi Antenna.


There are two DMK Box hardware models. Model 11A-GPS includes a GPS receiver, but is otherwise identical to Model 11A. The DMK App is available in one universal version for iOS.

DMK Box?;

  1. Accepts any combination of Raymarine SeaTalk®, NMEA 0183, and NMEA 2000 inputs
  2. Uses Wi-Fi to send the sentences for each protocol as UDP packet payload
  3. Two NMEA 0183 connections Separately configurable baud rates: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 114200
  4. One Raymarine SeaTalk® connection
  5. One NMEA 2000 connection
  6. Includes an RP-SMA Wi-Fi rubber duck antenna
  7. FCC-approved Wi-Fi transmitter
  8. Requires external power DC: 5-12v

How it Works

A yacht installer wires a DMK Box to a vessels existing DC power source and instrument bus.

When an instrument sentence in one of the supported protocols arrives at the DMK Box, it is wrapped in a UDP packet and sent to connected devices on port 1703.

iOS devices establish a connection to a DMK Box by setting up an ad hoc Wi-Fi connection through the iOS Settings interface.

When the DMK App runs on a connected iOS device, it listens for UDP packets on port 1703.

As the DMK App receives each UDP packet, it identifies the protocol, then updates its instrument views for any sentences it knows how to parse.