Troubleshooting Marine Diesels

Troubleshooting Marine Diesels by Peter Compton concentrates on the topics of maintenance and troubleshooting and is aimed at every marine diesel. This book covers neophytes yet still appeals to the pro. The book is geared toward the boat owner having to do much of the work himself.

Troubleshooting Marine Diesel looks at the Maintenance requirements for each engine system and component are methodically explained with top quality graphics. With this book boat owners can quickly locate the most likely cause of the problems that can occur with their marine diesel and find a remedy.

The other boat maintenance book Nigel Calders Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual is another great book aimed at engines plus all onboard systems.

Peter Compton’s Description

Publishers Description: Whether youre an occasional weekend sailor, a bluewater cruiser or a full time professional, this detailed book shows YOU how to keep your engine serviced, reliable and more importantly how to identify and correct the vast majority of faults that occur with marine diesels. This hands-on guide to diesel engines renders its subject more user-friendly than ever before. The troubleshooting charts are the most detailed ever published and are backed up by system-specific fault charts at the back of each chapter, allowing readers to quickly diagnose problems.


Maintaining Your Diesel: Good Operating Procedures, Routine Maintenence, Surveying an Engine, Preventing Corrosion, Winterizing. Troubleshooting Marine Diesels: Checking crankshaft turns freely, Performance Problems, Oil Problems, Excessive Exhaust Smoke, Temperature Problems, Noise and Vibration Problems, Starting System Problems, Charging System Problems, Turbocharger Problems, Fuel System Functional Check, Engine Fails to Stop. The Mechanical System: Engine Block, Cylinder Head, Crankshaft, Timing Gears, Valves, Pistons and Cylinders, Engine Mounts, Engine Alignment, Table of Mechanical System Faults. The Lubrication System: Oil, Oil Pump, Oil Pressure Regulating Valve, Oil Filter, Priming the Oil System, Oil Contamination, Table of Lubrication System Faults. The Raw Water Circuit: Raw Water Strainer, Raw-Water Pump, Reconditioning a Raw Water Pump, Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers, Sacrificial Anodes, Antisiphon Valve, Raw Water Hoses, Hose Clamps, Raw-Water Thermoststs, Table of Raw Water Circuit Faults. The Coolant Circuit: Coolant, Header Tank, Thermostat, Circulating Pump, V-Belt, Coolant Circuit Hoses, Table of Coolant Circuit Faults. The Fuel System: Fuel, Fuel Tanks, Primary Filter, Fuel Lift Pump, Secondary Fuel Filter, Governor, Injector Pump, Cold Starting Aids, Fuel Injectors, Air in the Fuel System, Table of Fuel System Faults. The Intake and Exhaust System Air Intake Filter, Exhaust Manifold, Exhaust Injection Manifold, Exhaust Hose, Mufflers and Lift Boxes, Exhaust Backpressure, Turbochargers, Intercoolers, Table of Intake and Exhaust System Faults. The Electrical System: Batteries, Battery Switches, Alternator, Starter Motor, Typical Engine Installation Circuit Diagram, Table of Electrical System Faults. Controls and Instruments Throttle Controls, Gear-Selector Conmtrols, Engine Stop Controls, Control Cables, Tachometers, Engine Panel Gauges, Warning Circuits, Table of Control and Instrument Faults. Diesel Engine Toolkit: Mechanical, Electrical and Tools for Cruising. Spares Parts Lists: Essential and Cruising Spares.