Sailboat Race Starter

Sailboat Race Starter. For sailboat racers this iPhone app; Sailboat Race Starter enables you to take advantage of the phones location tools to give you not only the time to start but distance to the start line.

Like the Velocitek’s Prostart, the app gives you distance from line and time on an easily recognized display.

To make use of this app you pin the location of either end of the start line by sailing up to each mark and pinning the position on the phone. Now the phone knows the position of the start line and so as the countdown winds down the distance to the line is displayed.

Sailboat Race Starter Manufacturers description

Sailboat Race Starter is an ISAF Countdown Timer for racing sailboats. It is the #1 sailing app in the App Store and the best selling racing timer in over 30 countries!

Countdown display

First the timer. You can set the timer to suit the start time sequence including the standard 5,4,1 start.

After you start the sequence you can give the synch button a tap to better synchronize with the sequence just like your watch.

The Countdown display has a High contrast layout and is easy to see in bright sunlight.

The Start sequence includes audible alerts and vibration as timer approaches race start.

Time / distance to line

Here is the real benefit of the app. The distance to the start line and any time during the start sequence enables you to accurately gauge your approach.

To begin mark both ends of the line before or when its possible by sailing next to each end. Now the display gives you the distance to the line and also gives you the time to get there based on your current speed. With this information an accurate approach to the start is easily achieved.


The Velocitek, Prostart, has the advantage of telling you how far from the start line you are, during the start sequence. The Prostart gives you the distance from the line perpendicular to the line.

This single purpose device is easy to use and large display. Its expensive but is designed for the task is easy to use is waterproof and robust.

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iTunes Store; sailboat race starter regatta

$5.99 and this compares to $600 for a Velocitek