Marine Instrument Display+WiFi

We have looked at many iPhone apps, and there are so many we cannot look at all of them. Then I ran into this web site i-Marine apps. Here is their review of an app which can display all your boats instruments.

I am always looking for an inexpensive way to display data around the boat. Hard wired multifunction displays are costly and difficult to wire and mount. Why not use your iPhone or iPad to display data where and when you need it. The folks at Veera Solutions has put together a nice little app called Marine Instrument Display+WiFi. There are two versions of this app the Marine Instrument Display only displays the devices GPS and compass data. MID+WiFi will displays all of the data listed below.

MID+WiFi can display position, speed and heading from your devices GPS, internal compass and locational services and many other variables if your onboard instruments are connected to WiFi. MID+WiFi in WiFi mode can receive additonal NMEA0183 data over your ships WiFi network. Using TCP/IP the data can be wirelessly sent to your device from an on board computer or WiFi multiplexer.

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Conclusion I really liked the versatility of this app. It gives you complete control of what data you want to display and in what order. The various pages give you options on how much data you want to display and in what sizes and units. If your device has a GPS it will display the devices appropriate data. More data from your ships instruments can easily be added using the WiFi option from an on board computer or a WiFi multiplexer such as a Brookhouse iMux or similar device.

At $3.99 for the basic no WiFi and $11.99 for the WiFi version , the price is right for all the options supplied and the versatility of the app. I purchased it myself and look forward to using it while cruising and racing. NMEA Remote is a similar product but they charge $18.99 for their iPad version with similar functionality

Cost:$11.99 WiFi option, $3.99 no WiFi version

i marine apps’s Description

Use your iPhone/iPad as an advanced marine instrument display instead of buying an expensive traditional external display. MID WiFi presents the basic information from the navigation system, the angle of heel and the predicted boat speed.

MID WiFi receives the data (NMEA0183) over the WiFi and/or from the internal compass and GPS. The VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) tables can be easily copy&pasted to the application from an email message or a web site.


  1. Compass heading (mag/true) (HDG)
  2. Course over ground (COG)
  3. Speed over ground (SOG)
  4. Average SOG (ASOG)
  5. Maximum SOG (MSOG)
  6. Trip Distance (TRIP)
  7. Trip Time (TIME)
  8. Position (POS)
  9. Heeling (HLG)
  10. Apparent wind angle and speed (AWA, AWS)
  11. True wind angle and speed (TWA, TWS)
  12. *Velocity made good (VMG)
  13. Boat speed (SPD)
  14. Depth (DPT)
  15. Sea temperature (SEA)
  16. Predicted Boat Speed (PSPD)
  17. Boat Speed to Predicted Boat Speed Ratio (SPR)
  18. = NMEA-WiFi bridge required (e.g. Digital Yacht iAIS/WLN10 or iMux)
  19. Three data pages with different font sizes
  20. Three color modes for day and night (black/white, white/black, red/black)
  21. Supported units: kt / nm, mph / mi, km/h / km, m / ft, °C / °F