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MotionX-GPS. How did Pegasus racing navigate the Transpac race from Los Angeles to Hawaii? They did it with MotionX-GPS for the iPhone 3G, which they plotted their course with and steered with MotionX magnetic compass. They even took video and updates the video to the Pegasus racing blog ” ”

Avid sailors, Fullpower founder Philippe Kahn, and vice president of technology, Mark Christensen, are currently using MotionX-GPS V6 as they doublehand across the Pacific in the Transpac 2009, a legendary 2,225 nautical mile race from California to Hawaii. To track the team’s progress, be sure to visit the skipper’s blog.

motion x
Motion X

Pegasus 50 Transpac Update – Another Record Set “In the last reporting schedule, Mark and I broke the 24 hour record for Open 50s. It was 325 nautical miles, we did 339.3.” –Philippe Kahn

The Pegasus 50 is making incredible fast tracks towards Diamond Head, Oahu. Philippe and Mark are using the power of MotionX-GPS to plot their course across the Pacific. The magnetic compass is guiding them and the direct access to their iPod music from within MotionX-GPS is helping them through the days and nights on their way to Hawaii.

MotionX-GPS’s Description

About Fullpower/MotionX

Founded in 2003 by Sonia Lee and Philippe Kahn, Fullpower’s mission is to put motion-sensing in every mobile device. As the leader in mobile sensing solutions, Fullpower is building on its expertise in wireless sensor technology to deliver unique, interactive motion-sensing applications. MotionX solutions are designed and developed in Santa Cruz, Calif.

MotionX™-GPS, the top selling navigation application for the iPhone, launches an updated version with expanded features and functionality made possible by the recent iPhone 3GS hardware and 3.0 software update.

MotionX-GPS embeds the functionality of an advanced handheld GPS unit into a simple and intuitive iPhone application that is ideal for outdoor activities such as biking, running, sailing, skiing, kayaking and more

MotionX-GPS is exclusively designed and optimized for your iPhone 3G and 3GS (the first generation iPhone and the iPod touch do not have the necessary GPS chipset to acquire a GPS signal).

MotionX-GPS is for driving, biking, running, hiking, walking, geocaching, and sailing.

NEW LIVE FAST MOTIONX OPEN MAPS! See your position and tracks anywhere in the world on fast live MotionX open topographic and road maps.

303 WAYPOINTS! Save up to 303 personal waypoints for your favorite locations like your home, end of a hike or your favorite restaurant. Email your waypoints to share them in Google Maps and Google Earth. View coordinates in UTM, DMS, DM or D format.

101 TRACKS! Save up to 101 tracks. See your path in real-time with Track up or North up. Follow one of your saved tracks and email them to share in Google Maps and Google Earth.

INTERACTIVE STOPWATCH! Record time, distance, speed and max speed. Add a photo during your activity to share the experience!

LIVE NAVIGATION! Use the compass for orientation in True or Magnetic bearings. While navigating to a waypoint you can visualize your progress and ETA (estimated time of arrival).

MOST ACCURATE IPHONE GPS! Accelerometrics assisted GPS for enhanced accuracy.

MotionX Featured in: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BusinessWeek, USA Today, iPhone Blogs, Gizmodo, Engadget, Time, Newsweek

NOTES * Use with iPhone 3G only for accurate GPS-based fixes * Check out our videos on