iGRIB weather for the iPAD & iPhone


iGRIB weather for the iPAD & iPhone by Mojoso. More and more people are using the iPad as a navigation tool. Lots of boating and sailing apps are available for the iPad and iNavx is one, Navionics is another and we just looked at iAIS. To complete the circle we have iGRIB for weather overlays.

iGRIB is designed for both iPhone and iPad and costs, £3.99, with a high 4+ Rating.


iGrib produced by a Cruising Association UK member, is a simple and intuitive app. There are pre-defined areas with the ability to select the area of choice. You can choose the usual options of number of days, and grid spacing. Selections include winds, pressure, rain areas, cloud cover and temperature.

iGrib Mojoso’s Description

iGrib is a GRIB (GRIdded Binary) file viewer for the iPad.This allows you to see the same data that the professionals use for forecasting.

Available at launch is a one week forecast of temperature, wind, cloud cover, precipitation and pressure – for various regions covering most of the world. This app is particularly valuable for people like sailors who require a longer range forecast.

The datasets available will be updated based on customer demand – please contact me or visit my website for details on how to request new regions or datasets.

Whats new in this version: Added support for iPhone Added Isobars to view of pressure data. Other minor improvements

iGrib is a Grib file viewer for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

The currently available files are weather forecasting extracts from the GFS model and are updated twice daily.

This gives a forecast of about a week covering:;

  1. Surface temperature
  2. Wind speed and direction
  3. Precipitation
  4. Cloud cover
  5. Pressure