Trash skimmer

Trash skimmer, Keeping our waterways clean. Here are 3 options that people are using to keep our waterways clean. The first two are currently being used in Baltimore while the Seabin project comes from Australia.

  • MR. Trash Wheel
  • TrashCat
  • Seabin Project


The largest is Mr Trash Wheel of which there is an example in Baltimore’s Harbor. This large boat sits in areas where water enters the harbor and filters out the trash

Second is the Trash cat which can drive around the harbor and remover trash where it sits.

Finally we have the Seabin Project which can sit in a small marine and collect the garbage which floats in.


In 2014 The Inner Harbor Water Wheel was purchased to remove the trash being dumped into the harbor from the Jones Fall river. The Wheel is turned by the water coming down the river and when the water is slow the large solar panels provide the backup.

Where the water enters the harbor the Trash Wheels are turned by the water pressure. The power from the wheel pulls the trash up the conveyor belt and into the barges hold. When the hold is full, the barge is towed away and a new one is put in place.

Canton water wheel


Back in 1999 Baltimore took delivery of a Low Profile TRASHCAT™ boats in March.

The maneuverable barges have buckets with doors that catch the trash and the trash is then moved by the conveyor belt. The design has a side-mounted operator’s cab, which provides the operator with 6′-11″ of overhead clearance. This is so the TrashCat can get under the footbridges..

Baltimore is particularly susceptible to trash and so the City has purchased several TtashCats from UMI as part of its successful floating debris clean-up program in 1987. In acceptance trials the trash skimmers exceeded 6 knots loaded.


Seabin Project

The Seabin Project is a neat idea to save our waterways. I look at the local marina and I can see in the corner where all the trash ends up. Its never ending; clean it up with a fish net and hours later there is more.

The Seabin will automatically take care of collecting the trash and every now and then you will need to empty the bin. There is not electricity or power, as the slightest ripple will draw the trash into the bin.

These clever guys need some help in getting this idea off the ground. This is a genuine green project