US Sailing rules app

US Sailing rules app. I am sure we will see many sailors with this application on their iPhone. US sailings official iPhone application for The Racing Rules of Sailing RRS for 2009-2012 Including the US SAILING Prescriptions. No more books to carry around, just a few key strokes and you can have the rule you need to look up.

$5.99 @ the app store

Customer Reviews

A must have by Bryan McDonald If you race, you need this app. If you don’t know the rules, they can be used against you. The search and navigation tools make this much better than a printed rule book as you can find things a lot easier.

Respectfully submitted, Bryan McDonald ICSA Rules Committee Member Great app

by Cantab allstar. Very well executed and very useful. Way easier than a printed rule book. I think the best part is that all definitions are linked so you can click on them anywhere they appear in the rules. Ill never lose my Rule Book again

by sailus I always seem to lose my rule book, and never have it when I need it. This will never happen again, as its now on my phone. The search function is really useful, and the book mark feature works great for the rules I always reference. This app is definitely worth the price.

The British RYA have this application,  iracing rules   which just covers the basics and can be a quick primer to the rules.

US Sailing’s Description

The Racing Rules of Sailing Application The United States Sailing Association (US SAILING) is proud to present the official iPhone application for The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012 Including the US SAILING

Prescriptions. The Racing Rules of Sailing app is for you if you are an avid sailor looking for instant access to the official rules and signals. With this application you will be prepared to answer any rules or signal questions that arise.


  1. The only rules app approved by US SAILING
  2. Every rule and definition available at the touch of a finger
  3. Simple navigation
  4. Images and descriptions of all the signal flags
  5. Convenient word and phrase search function
  6. Bookmarking feature for your most referenced to rules and definitions