iNavX navigation app

iNavX navigation app for iPhone. If you have an Apple iPhone, iNavx navigation is a software program you can use for navigation and use as a display for your wireless instruments. Using NOAA raster marine navigation charts and the iPhones built in GPS you can plot your position in real time. iNavx is available at the Apple Store. INavX will work with Vector and Raster charts.

Link to “ jonah ” who has done a couple of reviews on the iNavx software, He has used the software in and around the Newport area.

Combining Fugawis X-Traverse & iNavX and Navionics makes for a cool iPhone application. Start by going to the Apple app store and buy iNavX for $50. Get the Fugawi X-Traverse subscription $10 and subscribe to a Navionics region $45.

You can look at the Navionics mobile online at the iTunes app store. Unfortunately, you cannot see the iNavX version.

The best place to buy your Navionics mobile vector charts is through Fugawi.

Not only can you navigate you can also see weather gribs overlayed. iNavX has the ability to download (Fugawi) GFS grib data and view it on the charts.

Purchase iNavX here” iTune apps store ”

Purchase charts here; Navionics Charts for iNavX for iPhone

iNavX’s Description

iNavX™ – Marine Navigation for iPhone and iPod Touch

iNavX™ brings NOAA RNC raster United States waters marine charts to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

With iNavX™ you can use the iPhones built in location services (i.e. GPS, cell tower, wifi) to plot your position in real-time on the marine chart.

Using the iPhones or iPod Touchs WiFi connection, iNavX™ can act as a repeater for popular marine navigation software that supports NMEA data over TCP/IP such as MacENC or other MS Windows marine navigation applications (i.e. Coastal Explorer, Expedition, GpsGate).

In addition to real-time chart plotting, iNavX™ supports waypoints, track log and measuring bearing/distance.

What is iNavX? iNavX is powerful marine navigation software that works with iPhone 3G, the original iPhone and iPod touch which includes support for:


  1. Waypoint and track plotting
  2. Navigation to waypoints
  3. Transfer of waypoints and tracks to/from select PC or Mac software
  4. AIS display
  5. GRIB file weather display
  6. Instruments displayed from NMEA sentences via WiFi
  7. And much more Now iNavX users can choose to use the award-winning Navionics charts in their iNavX App.