Navigation Rules app

Navigation rules app for the iPhone and mobile devices. This application has lots of information including, overview of inland and coastal water rules. I like these apps as “rules of the road” are numerous and can be difficult to remember especially when you don’t spend a whole lot of time on the water.

With an iPhone app you can quickly bring up a diagram of lights you are seeing for an interpretation.

You can use the app to test your self, but you can also use it as a reference. You can check any part of the rules when you need and you don’t have to have a copy of the rules of the road. I can imagine being on watch and seeing some lights on the horizon and using your iPhone to see what’s coming toward you. The resource section of the app has a digital version of the nav rules, and flash cards.




Navigation Rules app Pro has everything in our popular Navigation Rules app plus an additional 100 pages of content. Navigation Rules Pro contains a complete copy of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGS), including amendments and the Inland Navigation Rules, in effect for all inland waters, including the Great Lakes plus the following information a boater needs:

* Sound and Light Signals Quick Reference
* Steering and Sailing Rules Quick Reference
* Aids to Navigation (AtoN)
* Bridge Lighting Quick Reference
* Lock Procedures
* U.S. Federal Requirements for Recreational Boats
* Communication information – DSC, Rescue 21, International Code Signals, semaphore flags, distress signals, phonetic alphabet, prowords, international Morse code.
* Weather and Oceanography
* Law Enforcement

Navigation Rules Pro includes the COLREGs most recent version dated – August 2014.

This app includes an annotated table of contents and a search function to help the reader quickly find the rule and related references. A Favorites page allows quick access to commonly referenced pages. Use the email function to share a page with others.

If you are a boater you need to know this information.

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