OC Tender 300

 One advantage of an inflatable tender is the soft sides, which means you can be a bit relaxed coming alongside another boat. The inflatable tubes are built in fenders so crashing is not a worry.

OC tenders have a Full foam fender rubrail which essentially lets the tender operate like an inflatable. The OC tender has a lightweight foam and Kevlar constructed high volume, high stability hull with wide flat side decks.

OC Tender 300


OC 300 tender
  • Hard built means safety at sea. No punctures, no unglued seams. A wide platform to work from, offering stability and volume.
  • The sharp plumb bow and high topsides provides a dry, smooth ride.
  • The flat wide deck is super comfortable, provide easier boarding from docks and from the water.
  • The smooth rocker and sharp water release edges promote early planning and precise trimming with minimal hp engines. In general, one size less engine is suitable compared to a similar size RIB.
  • Built with the best composite materials and a foam fender rub rail, OC300 is one of the lightest tenders in the market place today, without compromising durability.
  • Total flotation in the foam sandwich construction itself and total flotation in the closed cell foam rub rail.
  • OCTenders is simple to maintain and easy to repair if need be with common materials you already have onboard.
  • Interior volume and storage is huge.
  • It is also a beautiful boat to look at!


OC tender 300 specs

  • Overall length (m/ft): 3.04 / 9’11”
  • Overall width (m/ft): 1.60 / 5’03”
  • Internal length (m/ft): 2.90 / 9’06”
  • Internal width (m/ft): 1.50 / 4’11”
  • Hull top side height (m/ft): 0.44 / 1’04”
  • Hull weight (kg/lbs): 42kg / 92lb
  • Recommended max. hp: 8 hp
  • Min hp to plane: 3hp (with tiller extension)