MOB+ wireless kill switch

MOB+ wireless kill switch brings a new level of safety for small power boats. Most of have seen an incident whether live in person or a video or picture of someone falling overboard and the boat keeps going. This is why a kill switch is a necessity especially for single handers. Traditional kill switches are cords that attach you to the engine ignition. If you fall over the cord pulls on the ignition shutting it down. This wireless kill switch is worn on the wrist and sends a signal to the kill switch. the MOB+ is activated by getting wet, hence if you fall in the water the signal is activated killing the engine.

Intelligent Man Over Board System!

In a world where electronics surrounds us it’s almost incredible that the corded kill switch still exists: MOB+ is an electronically controlled, wireless kill switch which can be used on all boats. It has finally arrived, the kill switch which gives the user not only all the benefits of electronics but freedom and additional safety as well. We recommend using MOB+ on boats with size of 40 feet or less.

MOB+ Basepack

All you need to get started boating wireless!

With the MOB+ Basepack you get a MOB+ xHUB to install in the boat and an xFOB to wear as you like.