The Element instant cabin for center console boats

The Element instant cabin for center console boats. Center console boats are very popular in all waters open and inland. One feature that center consoles lacks is some sort of cover for escaping the elements.

Many canvas additions including Biminis and t tops have been added, bujt

The Element Manufacturers comments

The Element® , the first and ONLY marine PREFAB instant cabin for center console boats; provides shade , shelter, safety and privacy on your open bow vessel.

The Element provides a sense of security for families with children, the safekeeping of animals on board, and serves as a shelter for overnight boarding.

The Element is a wonderful asset for all weather conditions as it provides protection from the sun, rain, and wind, while still allowing for air circulation.

The Element is a quick easy solution for locking out mosquitoes and other flies and does not have the common strong mildew scent that is found in a traditional cuddy.

The Element comes off easily in under a minute and is easily and quickly reinstalled, turning your open bow vessel into a family cruiser.

The Element can be easily folded and stored away at your convenience while cruising, without being in your way or taking up any space.


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