Boarding Ramp

This ramp is for smaller boats, unlike larger boats who have expensive ramps. This ramp also has a handrail which can be quite an asset to safely getting on and off. A boarding ramp needs to be stiff and rigid which means it needs to be thick, which in turn means it will be heavy. The plank itself is made from Aluminum with a honeycomb core. The advantage of the honeycomb is to keep the weight of the plank to a manageable amount.

Boarding Ramp Manufacturers description

The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System©
We all know that “One Size” does not fit all. The same is true for portable boarding ramps. One length of ramp will not always work for the many docking situations you will encounter. Also, depending on the docking situation and changing tidal conditions, you may need to mount the boarding ramp different ways and from different locations on your yacht.

The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System© will allow you the flexibility to handle most all of the dock and boarding situations that you will encounter. The STEADI-PLANK™ Boat Boarding Ramp System© is made of marine grade aluminum, using the latest state of the art “space age” honeycomb core construction and bonding techniques.