RaceGeek sailboat racing displays

RaceGeek sailboat racing displays. These days most of the sailing instruments we see on racing sail boats include those by manufacturers B&G, Raymarine and Garmin. A new Racing instrument package RaceGeek offers a new modern look at sail boat racing instruments. RaceGeek makes use of Wi-Fi and the cloud and large font displays.

Most displays have a choice of what numbers to display. Whether its wind speed, direction, compass, speed, wind angle etc. RaceGeek lets you set up what you want to see at the start at the leeward mark at the windward mark.

RaceGeek Manufacturers Comments

Products designed by racers for racers

Everything we build is designed with you in mind.

The d10 utilises a large format display with an uncluttered design that makes it simple to get the information you need in any situation.

It works with the built in GPS and compass and off the shelf sensors to form the perfect tactical system for sports boats, small keel boats and performance cruisers.

The d10 display, APPs and cloud based analytics present extra detail with out distracting you from what’s going on around you.