Hiltons RealTime navigator

Hiltons RealTime-Navigator is an online map server. Tom Hilton’s Realtime-Navigator online service, provides satellite-imagery maps and allows anglers to plot their own fishing plan and download navigation charts into a iPad to be used offshore. You spend time planning a trip while connected to the internet and when you done you down load the data on the tablet to take offshore. So even without a connection offshore you know the best places to fish.

Tom Hilton offers his Realtime-Navigator online service … water color, phytoplankton and altimetry, and use Terrafin’s route-planning tools for pre-trip strategy. With realtime navigator you can monitor the diferent imageries, determine their tendencies, and ascertain what areas hold the most promise for holding fish.

Hilton covers 36 regions across the West and East coats US and the Gulf and Caribbean. Tom Hiltons stands by the phone all day, so if the “edge” moves, he can redirect you via satellite phone.

This is a subscription service which costs $200 PA for one region. Additional regions can be added for $30.


Hiltons realtime navigator description

We have just launched our new, free navigation app “RT-Nav” on the iTunes app store where you can now save any image into your iPad or iPhone then Go Fish! All you need is a valid Hilton’s username/password to access the app, but it is important to note that you cannot use the app until you populate it with your desired charts.

The app is free, but it is also empty, as it contains no charts when you download it off of the app store. Before you can use the app, you must first tell the system which charts that YOU are interested in bringing along with you to navigate upon. You can do this by clicking on the “Save Map” button located above the upper left corner of each Hilton’s image inside the Hilton’s website.

Once you have saved all of the desired images, they are cached on our server so that you can then download them into your device while still in cell/wifi range. The first time you open a region in the RT-Nav app on your iPhone/iPad, it will automatically go to your account and look for any saved charts for that region and then download them into your device. Once the download process has completed, you can then click the “Navigate” button (also while still in cell/wifi range). Once you go into navigation mode, you can shove off and go fish, as everything is self-contained in your iPhone or iPad and you no longer need to worry about being in cell/internet range. Your iPhone/iPad are now chartplotters, and the dynamic Hilton’s charts are your navigation charts. Also, once in navigation mode, it will stay in navigation mode until you tell it to do otherwise.

While in the website, you can customize your sea temp shots to your specifications using the Min/Max feature to filter the temp range and improve the quality of the image to pop out the frontal temp breaks. Once you have customized the sea temp shot to your specifications, you can the click “Save Map” to save it into your account. In addition to sea temp chart(s), it is a good idea to save 3d bottom chart(s), chlorophyll chart(s), surface current chart(s), and altimetry chart(s).

All saved images go into your Map Management List, which be viewed by clicking on the button just above the Smart Device Navigation icon named “Saved Map Man.” in the lower left nav bar of the website. This is where you manage your chart inventory to review your chart inventory and to remove any charts that are no longer pertinent to your upcoming trip.

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