Spinlock Aero Pro PFD

Spinlock Aero Pro PFD. This PFD if you can call it is aimed at high-performance sailing. The new design, an overhead-entry PFD, is made of pliable, high-buoyancy foam meant to move with the body while also providing required protection for crashes and capsizes. This seems like a T shirt with floatation, which stretches and moves as you do.

The back panel, is made of shock-absorbing body armor for impact protection. This panel can be replaced with a hydration bladder with a tube feed. The Aero pro is constructed with a close-fitting neck and waist gaiter to eliminate snag points with a slot for a trapeze hook if desired.

Developed with the British Americas cup team in mind, the T2 version also includes a knife pocket, and a recessed emergency oxygen cylinder in the back panel.

Spinlock Aero Pro PFD manufacturers description

Spinlock have launched a new development in personal watersports protection

  • 50N Flotation vest for high agility sailing
  • ISO12402-5
  • Durable high stretch woven construction for close fitting body, reducing any snagging risks
  • Wrap around, close fitting neck collar
  • Over length waist gaiter with trapeze hook opening
  • Ultra flexible, high buoyancy soft foam
  • Low profile stretch pocket
  • Access pocket for optional D3O® Impact Protection Back Protector or optional Hydration bladder with oral tube feed

The Aero Pro has been designed specifically for high performance use and to give users specific performance benefits.

These situations can put a very high demand on the materials and components which we can not guarantee this product for, so please take a little care with it!

Spinlock Aero pfd