Zhik 60 Barefoot Boot

Zhik 60 Barefoot Boot. Many dinghy sailors don’t like sailing boots or shoes. Many like to go bare foot as the feel is not lost. However bare feet get banged up and the Zhik 60 is their latest design for small boat sailors and the recent Moth Worlds show they are popular.

Ankle and foot support comes through the ergonomic, shaped 2mm flexible neoprene uppers. The boot closes with a neoprene/Velcro ankle strap.

The boot has its upper foot lined with the Proprietary pattern of studs interlocks which combines with Zihks hiking strap system. The two lock together so you have a firm connection to the boat.


Zhik boot-60

The culmination of many years of research and development alongside our team of World Champions, ZhikGrip II is a new dinghy boot & toe strap combination designed to increase hiking performance. Interlocking grip on boots and straps allows you to relax muscles, lock into the boat dynamics and hike harder for longer while maintaining full mobility.


  • Proprietary pattern of studs interlocks to connect boat & sailor
  • High durability rubber compound & tapered stud profile
  • Lock in at any angle or position for extreme grip
  • Custom high grip sole
  • Supportive upper construction with 50mm ankle strap
  • Open heel and split toe for maximum sensitivity