Pelagic Autopilot

Pelagic Autopilot is made by sailors for sailors as the cliché says. This tiller pilot is made by a boating enthusiast not a big box manufacturer like Raymarine or Garmin etc and aimed at short handed sailors.

The below deck system shown in the picture with display and wireless remote control costs $780.00. Pelagic is being used by a number of single-handed transpax racers.


Pelagic Autopilot

Full Pelagic autopilot system with Tiller Drive
Regular price   $780.00


Autopilot plus tiller actuator (stern facing-typical) Autopilot plus tiller actuator (bow facing control – non typical0 Autopilot plus tiller act. plus spares (stern facing-typical) Autopilot plus tiller act. plus spares (bow facing)
If you are looking for the simplest, most durable, and accurate autopilot system used by offshore cruisers and racers around the world, then you have come to the right place.

The Pelagic system was designed from the ground up by offshore sailors, to work no matter what. No longer must you put up with flimsy and inaccurate autopilots that can’t keep a course heading in rough conditions.

The system consists of the control head, motor drive, and a tiller actuator. A list of contents follows.

Our state of the art 9 axis gyro autopilot uses data from roll, pitch, and yaw to monitor and predict boat movement in any sea state, regardless if you are surfing downwind, or beating against the tradewinds. Its internal compass works as long as it maintains a 12 volt power source and is completely independent of any other system on your vessel, so you know that the autopilot will keep you on course long after your chart plotter gives out.

For those wishing to sail the highest course or maintain sheeting angles despite compass headings, The Pelagic System can incorporate your Nmea 0183  apparent wind data as well.  NMEA 2K requires a converter, like an Actisense NGW-1.