Deckchute is a new spinnaker handling system from Denmark. The design is like that of a dinghy spinnaker chute that have been around for over 40 years. The spinnaker is lowered by pulling a takedown line while easing the spinnaker halyard. The takedown line is attached to the spinnaker somewhere close to the middle.

The takedown line passes through a sort of funnel and into a sock. The funnel’s mouth is smooth and faired so the spinnaker enters the sock freely without snagging or ripping.

Deckchute is the product of Downwind ApS. A company dedicated to inventing and producing tomorrows dropsystems for free flying sails of any size.

The first 3 Deckchute S/Y Pre products has been delivered with success.
No 4 is on the way, many more to come… Deckchute is a deck mounte portable system for gennaker launching and recovering from the safety of the cockpit.

Deckchute web site