Trash skimmer

Trash skimmer, Keeping our waterways clean. Here are 3 options that people are using to keep our waterways clean. The first two are currently being used in Baltimore while the Seabin project comes from Australia.

  • MR. Trash Wheel
  • TrashCat
  • Seabin



This classic looking bronze hardware in made in Gdansk Poland. The image shows a electric vertical windlass setup for a bronze look but with modern parts.

Finishes – bronze polished, – bronze chromed

Under anchor winches you will find …

Traditional Boat Supplies

Traditional Boat Supplies is a company who specializes in equipment for traditional vessels. They have shipwright tools like caulking Irons, Big Ship Irons, Caulking Mallets , Roving Tools, Raking Irons , Adzes, Cast Iron Products. Traditional hardware includes; Francis Searchlights, …


MotionX-GPS. How did Pegasus racing navigate the Transpac race from Los Angeles to Hawaii? They did it with MotionX-GPS for the iPhone 3G, which they plotted their course with and steered with MotionX magnetic compass. They even took video and …