Name:           Jeffrey Siegel

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Message: Thanks for quoting me in your latest newsletter. I had to send my mother to your site to see it! 😉

There’s a nice write-up of some of my test results using cellular in this month’s (July) Power & Motoryacht. The online version is at:


I really like your site. I wish it were around when I started trying to figure out how to put WiFi and cellular solutions together. I had to buy a lot of stuff before I figured out what worked. You have really great products and provide a lot of information to help cruisers figure out what works the first time. You fit a big need.






M/V aCappella

Castine, Maine


Hi Mike,


I have just heard about your website and very impressed to! I would like to see whether we could get our website www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk listed? We are the busiest marine website in the UK for internet traffic, I would be happy to add a reciprocal back.


Hope to hear from you soon.




Stephen Sumner Channel Marketing Manager.



Excellent site Mike a must for all boaters sailing or otherwise.

Would you like us to put a link from our website to yours?

As we would be happy to help spread the word.

Vikki Penney (aka) Seagal UK +44 7798845196 www.challengeandadventure.com Fair Winds



Name:           Graham Diamond

Email:           tusktail@gmail.com

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Message: Your link to Engine Checkup does not work, maybe you could give me more info about the site you show?

I only just signed up for your Newsletter but I think its very good. I checked out everything on your site Friday, as I’m in the Yachting industry in the Caribbean and am always looking for new products. Keep up the good work.