12V-microwave-oven from Power-hunt

A microwave on a boat is normally reserved for larger boats, ones that have a generator or inverter. If you have either you can power a microwave.

To solve the microwave issue for smaller boats we have Power Hunts; 12 volt microwave oven for boaters. You do not need an inverter as with most microwaves. Inverters are inefficient; in the conversion which generates heat.

The 12 Volt microwave oven connects direct to the battery. The 12 Volt microwave will chew up 70 amps, so you need the battery healthy and not use your engine starter battery. A separate battery is a must and a way of recharging it after use.

” 12 Volt Microwave ”

Power-hunt’s Description

12 Volt WaveBox Microwave DC Only Starter Kit

Large 10 x 7 x 6 inches (25.4 x 17.8 x 15.3 cm) inside dimensions

Cooks in minutes

Permanent mount or portable use

Full 55 Amp power at peak

Microwave Scanning Technology and Space Age material used for even heating without a turntable.

Luminous digital display provides bright and easy to read information on cooking status

Three preset cook time buttons provide one-touch convenience; add-a-minute control adds time in one-minute increments up to 20 minutes

Includes FREE insulated Coolbag for food storage

Includes PNP power port

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