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Best GPS for Marine

The Best Boat GPS Options: There are various high-quality boat GPS systems available in the market, including brands like Garmin, Raymarine, and Simrad. It is important to research and choose a GPS system that meets your specific boating needs and preferences The Top 3 Choices for the Best Marine GPS Are: Garmin 010-02366-61 GPSMAP 943xsv … Read more


12V-microwave-oven from Power-hunt A microwave on a boat is normally reserved for larger boats, ones that have a generator or inverter. If you have either you can power a microwave. To solve the microwave issue for smaller boats we have Power Hunts; 12 volt microwave oven for boaters. You do not need an inverter as … Read more

Synthetic Teak Decking

Synthetic Teak Decking is a modern way to get the same esthetic look and feel of traditional Teak Decking but without the cost and time involved. Traditional Teak Decks are expensive in both material and man hours. Because of this Teak Decks on boats are a luxury these days. Many years ago Teak Decks for … Read more

Vented Loops

Vented loops are to prevent back siphoning from water systems that lead to the outside. You need vented loops (anti-siphon valves) or should have them, as part of an engine exhaust system, or plumbing for bilge pumps, or the marine head. The reason you have them is to stop a siphon or backflow of water in the system. … Read more