Self Tailing Winch Conversion

Self Tailing Winch Conversion with Winch mate. Self tailing winches are a useful upgrade to a standard sailing winch. The self tailor let you turn the winch without having to hold the line or have a second person pulling the line. The line or sheet is placed in the feeder arm (metal arm on top of winch) and then into the circular jaws. The feeder arm (also known as lifter/stripper arm) feeds the line into the circular jaws. The jaws are sprung so that they close around the line. Many Winch manufacturers offer a self tailing conversion for their winches.

Winch mate

So what if you have a winch which is no longer in production? If you have an older boat with Barient or Barlow winches you’r in luck and can convert to self tailing with the Winchmate conversion kit. Winchmate is a true self tailing conversion; it includes metal parts and stripper arms, just as in a modern self tailor. The operation is just like the real thing.

Additional Resources

Winchmate seen at the Boat Show ” Latitude & Attitudes Video ” “ . Another endorsement is from Ralph Naranjo of Practical Sailor. Ralph has them on his Ericson 41.

” Winchers ” 

are another method of converting a regular winch to self tailing. These are plastic specially molded rings that fit over the winch top. The plastic fitting lets you hold the line similar to a proper self tailor. However although cheap and according to many works fine, it does not have the feed/stripper arm which controls the line. Therefore you have to spend more time making sure the line is secured.

Winch mate’s Description

features :

  1. – Also fits Tayana, Cheoy Lee, Cathay, Universal and other sailboat winches. Please inquire.
  2. -Installs easily in minutes
  3. – Stainless steel locking winch handle extension
  4. – Aluminum/Chrome Bronze/Stainless parts
  5. – A true self tailing winch conversion
  6. – Multi-position stripper arm
  7. -Adjustable anodized aluminum line jaws
  8. – Precision machined parts