Stay Safe With the Best Marine GPS

Best GPS for Marine

The Best Boat GPS Options: There are various high-quality boat GPS systems available in the market, including brands like Garmin, Raymarine, and Simrad. It is important to research and choose a GPS system that meets your specific boating needs and preferences The Top 3 Choices for the Best Marine GPS Are: Garmin 010-02366-61 GPSMAP 943xsv … Read more

Best kayak trolling motor

trolling motor for kayaks

The recommended trolling motor for kayaks is the essential accessory to enhance your kayaking experience. Its efficient design and powerful performance make it the top choice for kayakers. With its easy installation and durability, this trolling motor is a perfect addition to your kayak setup. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your kayaking … Read more

Dinghy Mate

Dinghy Mate by Moeller Marine. There are some gigantic design leaps or just sensible fine tuning. This idea is a fine tune, taking a portable fuel tank and shaping it to fit a small outboard dinghy combination. By fitting under the outboard motor it is safe and uses space economically. $83 for the 3 gallon … Read more

Self Tailing Winch Conversion

Self Tailing Winch Conversion with Winch mate. Self tailing winches are a useful upgrade to a standard sailing winch. The self tailor let you turn the winch without having to hold the line or have a second person pulling the line. The line or sheet is placed in the feeder arm (metal arm on top … Read more


12V-microwave-oven from Power-hunt A microwave on a boat is normally reserved for larger boats, ones that have a generator or inverter. If you have either you can power a microwave. To solve the microwave issue for smaller boats we have Power Hunts; 12 volt microwave oven for boaters. You do not need an inverter as … Read more

Carry on 7000 portable air conditioner

Carry on 7000 portable air conditioner from Cruisair Dometic Living on a small boat for even a weekend in the summer is going to be warm. For small boats a carry on air conditioner that fits over your cabins deck hatch can make life much easier. The unit runs off normal dock marina shore power. … Read more

Baja Filter

Baja Filter from Attwood. The Baja Fuel Filter is housed in a cylindrical aluminum alloy canister that measures 4.5 inches in diameter and is 18 inches in total length. It is available with a welded 1.3-inch diameter spout or a 1-inch diameter spout. Both spouts are 5.75 inches long. The filter weighs 3.75 pounds and … Read more

Command link plus

Command link plus from Yamaha. These days many of the newer chartplotters and navigation displays can also be used for displaying engine data. This data can look pretty cool and via NMEA protocol engine data like RPM, temperature, fuel burn etc can be displayed conveniently at the helm station. Traditional engine displays do not have … Read more

Position Polling

Position polling or position request is the gathering of another boats position data i.e. GPS location. Also referred to as ‘DSC polling”, “buddy tracking” , “position report” & “location polling”. This feature of your VHF can be used to track your friends location on your chartplotter. Position Polling is a feature of DSC enabled VHF radios. … Read more

Fender Step

Fender Step. The Fenderstep is a well thought out boarding step. What’s unique about the FenderStep is that its dual purpose. Dual purpose means fewer items to take up hard found storage space. So you can use FenderStep as a fender, but when you have the need you can also use it for boarding. There … Read more