Self Tailing Winch Conversion

Self Tailing Winch Conversion with Winch mate. Self tailing winches are a useful upgrade to a standard sailing winch. The self tailor let you turn the winch without having to hold the line or have a second person pulling the line. The line or sheet is placed in the feeder arm (metal arm on top … Read more

Carry on 7000 portable air conditioner

Carry on 7000 portable air conditioner from Cruisair Dometic Living on a small boat for even a weekend in the summer is going to be warm. For small boats a carry on air conditioner that fits over your cabins deck hatch can make life much easier. The unit runs off normal dock marina shore power. … Read more

Baja Filter

Baja Filter from Attwood. The Baja Fuel Filter is housed in a cylindrical aluminum alloy canister that measures 4.5 inches in diameter and is 18 inches in total length. It is available with a welded 1.3-inch diameter spout or a 1-inch diameter spout. Both spouts are 5.75 inches long. The filter weighs 3.75 pounds and … Read more

Command link plus

Command link plus from Yamaha. These days many of the newer chartplotters and navigation displays can also be used for displaying engine data. This data can look pretty cool and via NMEA protocol engine data like RPM, temperature, fuel burn etc can be displayed conveniently at the helm station. Traditional engine displays do not have … Read more

Marine Refrigeration

Marine Refrigeration comes in two basic types. The first are self-contained marine refrigeration units, which drop into a spot just like the fridge at home. They work better on larger powerboats that have an abundance of AC power and space. The second type of refrigerators found on boats, are built in modular fridge systems that use … Read more

Refleks Diesel Heater

Refleks diesel heater made in Denmark. These heaters are used by Fishing boats as they are rugged, reliable and only need diesel fuel. We also know Skip Noval uses one in his Pelagic Southern Ocean expedition Yacht as its simplicity and multiple uses make sense. The advantages of this heater is it can heat the … Read more

Marine Air Conditioning´┐╝

Marine Air Conditioning adequately sized has great advantages. Air conditioning not only cools the boat, but dehumidifies and if you have reverse cycle you can also provide heat in cooler times. Dry boats are not only more comfortable, the onboard systems like it too, and you will be rewarded with less corrosion. If you do … Read more

Dutchman System

The Dutchman System is one of the best ways to handle your mainsail while hoisting or lowering. To drop the main you feather the mainsail or go head to wind, then ease the main halyard reasonably fast. If you are navigating a crowded harbor, you can let the halyard run and clean up later. This … Read more